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### MOST IMPORTANTLY AND THIS WILL PISS YOU OFF this is creating more off label usage that is again creating more government fraud, but goes into intentionally created domestic terrorism.                                                                                                                               I specified ALL the different drug psychosis’s and the ABSOLUTE TIME FRAME of DRUG PSYCHOSIS DISSIPATIONS (especially methamphetamine) that clearly defines we are not true schizophrenics or bipolar, and SHOULD NOT BE ON LONG TERM TREATMENT PLANS IN OUTPATIENT CARE this becomes an unjustified psychiatric commitment to outpatient treatment and violates your conditional release, because there is an absolute drug psychosis dissipation, and this is an intentional eradication extermination process that has already exceeded the holocaust 10X.                                              Your drug psychosis (from methamphetamine usage is a Stimulant Psychosis, and because what 90 plus percent of the people in Hawaii and abroad who has/had a Drug Psychosis from this usage (and Most of Hawaii’s Dual Diagnosed are affected by this epidemic for decades) is being PREVENTED BY THE FEDERAL AND STATE COURTS to the CLAIM OF ABSOLUTE TIME FRAME OF DRUG PSYCHOSIS DISSIPATION, and from 7-10 days and up to several months, and chronic abuse may lead to symptoms which persist beyond the withdrawal period for months, and even up to a year Wikipedia’s from Medical Encyclopedia(s) and from the UCLA Semel Institute of Neuro Science and Behavioral Studies (which was a Defendant in 11-00781 DAE KSC), and TONS MORE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE HAS SUGGESTED Chronic Usage will dissipate in six months, and from the extensive research by leading Scientists in Japan with 50 years of research experience on the very topic of Amphetamine(s) dealing with stimulant and/or methamphetamine studies boldly states that all chronic usage with the women in Japan prisons dissipates in about six months not more (the Foremost Authority), and that the use of any antipsychotics has exceeded the absolute time frame of your drug psychosis You’ve already qualified your living at Oxford Houses, and/or are still in outpatient treatment duh all I need is for you to contact me with all your names & address, phones #, and your families just so I can keep you registered in these courts, but I might ask you to help me spread the word for others.                                                                                                                              There are about 45-50 million dual diagnosis worldwide, and is an quantitative atrocity of a use/misuse and an extension to an unjustified psychiatric commitment in outpatient care, and subjects you and the others to long term treatment goals violating (Revised Statutes) HRS Section 334 to section 334-123 Outpatient Treatment, HRS Section 353 Involuntary Treatment, HRS 704-404, and (8) Fitness To Proceed, HRS 704-405 Fitness To Proceed, HRS 704 Sections 411/413 /414/ 415 Condition Release) in long term treatment in outpatient care that becomes a violation to an extension to an Unjustified Psychiatric Commitment in outpatient treatment, but most importantly it becomes an Intentional eradication extermination process “thus intentionally created domestic terrorism” which is how the International Criminal Court and the United Nations are criminally investigating this super huge case.

TO ALL FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND FOSTER FAMILIES and/or parents who lost their children in CPS cases to a foster family

TO ALL FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND FOSTER FAMILIES and/or parents who lost their children in CPS cases to a foster family because you violated the best interest of the child, but now they have (foster families) and the State Courts.                         It doesn’t matter to me who claims the 5 million dollars under the best interest of the child (this is the reversal procedure), and their all perpetrators anyway you look at it (this bottom lined me), but I’ll utilize this because it’s become a very formidable multi weapon).                                                                                                               Just go to this reference;                                                            I just need your names, addresses, and phone numbers (basic contact info), and the Courts State and County and case number, and I’ll be submitting this in the ICC and later the ICC will submit this to the U.N.              I you can spread the word to all your links I’ll appreciate this.                                                In foster care over 50% of these children are being given antipsychotics and anti-depressant this violates the children’s rights and yours according to the best interest of the child and you’ll be able to get back and/or even at CPS and receive compensation of 5 MILLION DOLLARS. contact me and I’ll send you more information   or    (808) 230-0460         Help your loved ones your son, daughter, niece, nephew, relatives & friends to be taken care of when nobody is around for them & these trust funds are there for those who qualifies so take advantage “there still your children”, and it will make a better life for them.